October 13th, 2018

  • kulyok

Ещё немного про тему: Is Nature really natural?

Лю Цысинь - автор в том числе книги "Death's End" ("Конец Смерти","Вечная жизнь Смерти"). Фраза "Is Nature really natural?" - цитата из неё.

Вот вам маленький фрагмент на английском, ведущий к этой цитате. Мне кажется, тем, кто знает язык, будет интересно (я не самый лучший переводчик, увы):

She asked the next terrifying question: “What about the universe?”
“The universe?”
“If we use a similar mathematical model to simulate the entire universe, and uncheck the option for life at the beginning, what would the resulting universe look like?”
Green Glasses thought for a moment. “It would look the same. When I talked about the effects of life on the environment, it was limited to the Earth. But if we’re talking about the universe, life is exceedingly rare, and its impact on the evolution of the universe can be ignored.”
Yang Dong held her tongue. She said good-bye again and struggled to put on an appreciative smile. She left the building and stared up at the star-studded night sky.
From her mother’s secret documents, she knew that life was not so rare in the universe. In fact, the universe was downright crowded.
How much has the universe been changed by life?
A wave of terror threatened to overwhelm her.
She knew that she could no longer save herself. She tried to stop thinking, to turn her mind into empty darkness, but a new question stubbornly refused to leave her alone: Is Nature really natural?"

Из контекста можно понять, что речь, например, идёт о том, создана ли вся жизнь на нашей прекрасной планете искусственно.
И о "How much has the universe been changed by life?" - а как разумная жизнь изменила нашу вселенную вообще?

И ещё интересное: а знаете, кто перевел эту книгу Лю Цысиня? Кен Лю.
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